Open the door to the amazing culture and language of China!

Milwaukee Chinese Culture & Language Services (MCCLS) is a Chinese cultural training and language instruction company. We offer Chinese classes for individuals, groups, and businesses, as well as translation services in all major languages (including English to Chinese translation).

For those who want to learn Mandarin Chinese, MCCLS is the best place to be! We offer the best Mandarin Chinese classes and cultural training services in the Greater Milwaukee metropolitan area and beyond.

Whether you are an individual who wants to learn Chinese, or a business looking for Chinese language and/or culture training services, you will find a program here that fits your needs.

MCCLS is a state-certified Minority Business Enterprise; we have provided quality language services to companies and organizations throughout the country since 1997.

Milwaukee Chinese Culture & Language Services
Milwaukee Chinese Culture & Language Services

At MCCLS, students learn to listen, speak, read, and write in Chinese, including the Chinese alphabet (Pin Yin) and Chinese characters. They also learn how to type in Simplified Chinese.

Our Chinese culture programs include:

  • School Culture Day Presentation Program
  • Company Cultural Diversity Program
  • International Expatriate Program

Our Mandarin Chinese classes include:

  • Mandarin Chinese Training (for businesses, individuals & groups)
  • Mandarin Chinese Classes for Children and Youth
  • Mandarin Chinese Classes for Family and Friends
  • Online Mandarin Chinese Tutoring (through Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime)

Our teaching formats include one-on-one and group classes. All of our Mandarin Chinese classes are specifically designed according to students' needs and proficiency levels.

Come and join us — we'll help you open the door to the amazing culture & language of China.

Start your Mandarin Chinese language learning adventure now by calling (262) 378-7737 or email at: [email protected]

Joanne C.

Teacher, St Monica Congregation School

"I am a 7th grade social studies teacher. This past year, after completing a unit on China with my classes, I contacted Shan from MCCLS to teach my students about Chinese culture. Shan spent the entire morning sharing the Chinese culture with my students. They learned the art of calligraphy, made paper snakes and lanterns, learned how to say several Chinese words and phrases, and listened to stories about the history of China. At the end of the year, when I asked my classes what their favorite memories were, they overwhelmingly said Chinese Culture Day! They still remember the phrases they learned. Parents were also very impressed with the special day! I was asked to make Chinese Culture Day a yearly event. I hope Shan will come back to my school each year and share her expertise with my students!"

Tom M.

Managing Partner -- Helgesen Industries Inc.
Corporate Mandarin Chinese Training Program

"Shan has been engaged in teaching our international workforce the Chinese language. We have class twice a week. She brings an engaging personality that helps stimulate your desire to learn this difficult language. Shan has an extraordinary passion for the Chinese culture and Chinese language that translates into a highly energetic classroom environment. We recommend Shan to anyone who desires either translation or to learn Chinese."

Chuck D.

Director of International Business -- Helgesen Industries Inc.
Trainee, Corporate Mandarin Chinese Training Program

"In an ever-globalizing marketplace, it is critical as a manufacturer that you understand the customs, traditions, and history of the regions that you collaborate with. For this reason we turned to Shan of Milwaukee Chinese Culture & Language Services). Shan helped provide our business with the knowledge of Chinese customs, traditions, and history that allowed us to collaborate with our Chinese colleagues with the respect and honor that they deserve. Thus far, Shan has successfully adapted to our class' varying levels of ability, allowing us to learn at whatever speed we feel comfortable with. Our class has truly come to understand the synergy between understanding the Chinese language as well as the customs, values, history, and people of China. I would recommend Shan to anyone that wants to succeed in working in today’s culturally diverse market."

Jill P.

Raymond School Summer School Director, Franksville, WI

"My summer school students were enthralled with Shan as she shared her knowledge of Chinese culture and Chinese language. She related so well to the children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The activities she planned were engaging and creative. Shan was extremely organized and professional to work with."

Ria T.

Mother of three students, Mandarin Chinese Program for Children & Youth

"My children have been attending once a week lessons with Shan for almost 3 1/2 years (since they were 4, 6, and 8). They are now able to speak and understand simple conversation in Mandarin Chinese and possess an impressive amount of Chinese vocabulary. Shan is a committed teacher who knows how to keep her students engaged. Through crafts, videos and stories, she makes learning Chinese fun. She is a demanding teacher, but patient and kind with her expectations. Any student would be lucky to learn Chinese with Lu Lao Shi. She is an educator we regard with high esteem."

Mike R.

CEO – RSP Inc., Brookfield

“I highly recommend Shan for learning Mandarin! I've tried at least 6 different tutors so I can tell you what works and doesn't work. As an adult student, I appreciate and can easily tell that she has extensive experience in teaching. As important, she also has a great ability to read people, knowing when to push ahead and when to take a moment to pause and reflect during the lessons. She has worked with me the past month on a speech I will be giving in China to my employees there; I couldn't have done it without her!”

Beth B.

Pewaukee -- Trainee, International Expatriate Program

“Prior to moving to Beijing for our expat assignment, Shan not only taught my husband and me survival Mandarin and the basics to begin our lives abroad, she helped us with cultural differences and what to expect. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Alderalda A.

Cedarburg -- Mother of two, Mandarin Chinese Classes for Children and Youth

Shan the Chinese Mandarin teacher is truly a remarkable asset to our children’s lives. She is VERY experienced, has great ways of teaching while keeping the children entertained and focused but above all-the kids want to see her more and more because of the way she interacts with them. She is SO caring and always goes above and beyond bringing new ideas every week we see her for our children to learn. They are learning the language so quickly-all because of Ms. Shan. The children also enjoy doing a new craft project after every lesson they have every week. Not only are they learning a new language, but also new skills. We look forward to watching our children become fluent in Mandarin by working closely with the BEST teacher, Shan. We highly recommend her!!!

Yan H.

Germantown -- Mother of Student, Mandarin Chinese Training for Individuals

Shan is truly an amazing teacher, she helped dramatically improve my daughter's level of Chinese in the two years my daughter was with her. I highly recommend Shan because she is a very caring and involved teacher. The creativity and adaptability she presents as a teacher will definitely making learning Mandarin Chinese much easier!

Megs I.

Milwaukee -- Mother of Student, Mandarin Chinese Classes for Children and Youth

My son is 6 years old and he has been studying with Shan for over a year now, he is already able to have conversations, identify Chinese characters, sing songs, etc. Shan is a fantastic tutor. She offers new and exciting ways to present material to new learners. I would highly recommend Shan to anyone looking to improve their language skills.

Milwaukee Chinese Culture & Language Services